Workshop Saturday June 30th

Today I continued working with some recent ideas for encouraging us all to paint  looser, bigger and lose some of our inhibitions about making ‘mistakes’.
You really have to be prepared to make ‘mistakes’ if you want to progress with your painting. We used the palette of the artist Aubrey Phillips who was is known more for his pastels than watercolour and we took inspiration from his book…”Watercolour painting”. He is very, very loose!

Everyone worked with A2 size paper which was out of most peoples comfort zone . We used cheap cartridge paper so didn’t feel we were wasting money and hopefully freed us up a bit. It doesn’t work well for watercolour as it buckles …you get runbacks and generally produce a mess. Great…just what we want. The painting were done rapidly with big brushes…no fiddling or going back to correct. We did spent a lot of time before starting to paint sorting our colours and  doing colour swatches to get an understanding of the pallet we were working with which was extremely useful.

I have posted the first paintings that were done today…folks went on to do another one in the same way. The next workshop we shall work half this size on watercolour paper and I hope this exercise helps future work. Yes a bit of a mess and ‘mistakes’ but less inhibitions and colour mixing spot on. And lots of fun…I hope.




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