Wendy’s online painting tuition – PROJECT 4

Painting a simple cottage picture in mixed media

Hi Everyone

Welcome to project 4. We shall be using wet into wet techniques and textural effects. This is the video related to the project. Click to play

For Project 4, I suggest you do the following

For this project I suggest you do the following:

  1. Follow the video to do a similar painting. You can draw your own cottages or trace from my download.           
  2. Have some more goes maybe using a different cottage and changing the colours .
  3. Experiment and enjoy!

If you cannot get out at this time find references from books etc or you can download my images below.



I have set up a gallery page for members to show their work. You can email me an image and if appropriate and there is space I shall put it in the ‘painters gallery’ with your first name and initial.

You can do and send in the Projects in any order!

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