Wendy’s online painting tuition – PROJECT 2

Watercolour techniques, dry brush flowers and grasses.

Hi everyone

Welcome to project 2. We shall be using the dry brush technique for painting summer grasses. This is the video related to the project. Click to play.

You can do and send in the Projects in any order!

For Project 2 I suggest you do the following exercises first:

  1. Practice the dry brush technique on watercolour paper.
  2. Practice mixing some light, mid tones and dark greens.
  3. Have a go at painting something similar to the step by step tutorial painting of mine.

Now paint a larger picture  with a fence post to add interest  and include dry brush technique and rigger work. Take ideas from my painting below (download available) or better still go out with your camera or sketch book and find a similar scene of your own to take inspiration from.



I have set up a gallery page for members to show their work. You can email me an image and if appropriate and there is space I shall put it in the ‘painters gallery’ with your first name and initial.

You can do and send in the Projects in any order!