Wendy’s online painting tuition – PROJECT 1

Painting florals fast and loose with a slow start

Hi everyone

Glad you could join me for this project. We shall be painting blackthorn blossom or a blossom/flower of your choice. Here is the YouTube video related to Project 1. Click to play.

You can do and send in the Projects in any order!

Below is a gallery of some of the images shown in the video that you may find useful when painting your own blossom pictures.

I also have a download of the worksheet I made to help me understand the structure of the blackthorn flower, a blackthorn photograph and two downloads of my drawings.


Blackthorn photo:

Blackthorn Drawing 1:

Blackthorn drawing 2:

For this Project, I suggest you do the following:

  1. Do a series of pencil drawings to help you understand the structure of your flower/blossom
  2. Paint a single flower with a wet into wet background.
  3. Do a well observed drawing with more detail/flowers and have a go at painting it as quickly as you can.

You can do and send in the Projects in any order!

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