Watercolour workshop…January

We are looking at colour palettes used by various artists and tying this work into a further understanding of the colour wheel and how it works.
It is also an ideal opportunity to learn about different watercolour techniques. Today we looked at some of the work of Ron Ranson. His books are ideal for the beginner to learn about tone, colour and composition. They are written in a clear and engaging way. However the hake brush that he uses can be a difficult brush to master but I have found that a large round brush used on its side will work very well for his exercises.

We used a photograph from one of his books, had a general discussion, did a tonal drawing in charcoal, had tea and biscuits and then did a painting …all in one morning! Some of us used a medium hake….I must admit to not having used my own hake  in over two years which is a mistake because I really enjoy it.

Here is his painting and my effort painted 14 x 11 inches.


It is really interesting to see all the different interpretations.

I chose a similar photograph from the same book which was given as homework….posted below. The brief was to work out a composition, do a tonal drawing and paint a picture using Ron Ranson’s palette. I am looking forward to seeing the results next month!

Homework photo

Homework photo


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