Watercolour workshop January 27th 2018

First Saturday workshop of 2018. We had a great session looking at the work of the late Ron Ranson and working with just a hake brush and rigger.
It is not an easy technique but if you can get to grips with it the result is very rewarding….pure watercolour with no fiddling! There is a lot of wet into wet work involved and the hardest part we thought was judging the amount of water in the hake brush. Here is a sample of work the painters produced on Saturday and  I hope  get round to posting some work of mine shortly.

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  1. Hi Wendy,
    I saw Ron Ranson many years ago demonstrating, the Hake was very worn, he dipped it into water and then shook it out onto the floor! That seemed to leave just the right amount of water for him. He painted very fast and sure.
    I enjoy your e-mails, Thanks
    Christel Elsmore

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