Watercolour workshop at Gelli Aur

A really enjoyable morning  getting to grips with tone. Arguably getting the tonal values right in a painting is more important than worrying about colours. This morning we worked with only one colour, burnt umber. I took and adapted part an exercise from a book I am very fond of….Artistic secrets to painting tonal values by Alex Kedzierski.

As well as examining tones we also talked about and practised how to build up a watercolour from light to dark and in doing so realised  the importance of mixing up the right strength and quantity of a mix before starting to paint!

This time I gave some homework to be done before the next class in April and I look forward to seeing the colour version of this picture from everyone!

Here is a selection of the work done, sorry I missed a few. As usual even though we worked from the same reference  the work is very individual.



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