Visit to Picton Castle, Haverfordwest

Picton CastleI have yet to actually go inside Picton Castle….next time maybe we’ll take the tour…. but have visited  a few times. It is really worth a visit as the gardens are especially lovely. . There is a restaurant and shop where I bought some local honey…it was pricey but worth it. I really appreciate good honey as I am now  an aspiring bee-keeper!

Picton has two galleries and regular exhibitions and events. We went  today to look at the exhibitions currently showing….work by Ann and Theo Whalley and a solo show by Jayne Russell. We enjoyed seeing the interesting and diverse styles. Well done Jayne.

If you carry on the road towards the Cleddau estuary about a mlie from the castle you reach Picton Point. It’s a lovely spot for a picnic and I did a little bit of sketching using  watersoluble pencils and a brush pen that holds water. The brush pen  is quite handy but a brush and little water pot would do the job just as well.

I always take lots of photographs when out and about but do like to sketch, even quick pencil notes. It’s amazing  how much more you take in, remember and learn. Try to get into the habit of carrying a small sketch book with you….it will help your indoor paintings enormously.

Sketching the Cleddau


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  1. I visited Picton Castle many years ago and reading your article has made we want to visit again with my sketch pad this time.

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