Trip to Newport Wetlands RSPB

Well worth a visit! Bit of a trek though and not the easiest place to find. We regretted not taking Tom (tom). The visitor centre there is good and the staff really helpful, plus it’s free to get in. The area itself is extensive with large areas of reedbed and it borders the estuary. As you can see from the photos it also borders a power station! The birds don’t seem to mind though. Highlight was seeing three avocets. These are breeding at the edge of the reserve at a place called goldcliff- we drove there and found the viewing platforms deserted. We were lucky to meet up with one of the wardens who told us alot about the place and the wildlife. The avocets were a way away but easily seen with the scope. I was also thrilled to see what I am pretty sure was  a female marsh harrier. If anyone knows differently from looking at the photos let me know .

Species count: female marsh harrier (prob), avocet, shellduck, gulls, godwits,whitethroat, little grebe, greatcrested grebe, canada geese, tufted duck, mallard, pochard, little egret, coot, heron, water rail (heard only)

I didn’t see the bearded tits nor reed warblers which was disappointing.


Canal through the reeds



The power station



Lakes in the reed beds



Is this a female marsh harrier?








I am always lagging behind!



Tufted duck-male



Lovely little egret



Great crested grebe - nesting nearby





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