Taster watercolour workshop

Saturday 13th morning I held a taster workshop for beginner painters using watercolour. It turned out to be quite a mixed experience group and everyone told me they had enjoyed and learned a lot. I really enjoyed it and it was lovely to meet new people who clearly had a passion for their art and like me love to learn new things. I am pretty sure I have enough interest to set up a second monthly Saturday morning group with space for a few more people. If you are interested contact me. Dates and more info will be posted soon.

I have posted some of the work that was done. We started by painting skies using wet into wet watercolour and when that was dry painted foliage and trees on top.

The inspiration for the work was taken from a selection of images from my library of learn to paint books.

Option homework was to paint something original using your own tree/folige reference.


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