Watercolour techniques, dry brush flowers and grasses

Dry brush painting. I have a new video in which I demonstrate watercolour techniques including the dry brush technique for painting summer grasses. Following an introduction to the technique, there is a step by step painting tutorial suitable for all experience levels. This video forms part of my online painting tuition Project 2 which can […]

Easy watercolour tips, mixing greens

In this video I  demonstrate how to easily mix natural looking greens using prussian blue and a variety of yellows. I also demonstrate  how to mix very dark greens using these mixes with burnt sienna. Finally we take a look at some of my  recent paintings  where I  have  used some of these colour mixes. […]

Painting with cling film

Experiments with clingfilm

This video carries on where my last one left off. I am still painting magnolia blossom but this time everything is a bit more experimental.

Painting magnolias

Don’t miss painting the magnolias!

The magnolias are still looking gorgeous and if you paint in watercolour they make a lovely subject. I have just put a video on YouTube…..a step by step painting tutorial if you want to check it out. See more of my videos and watercolour tutorials here.

Painting birds from vlog

A short video of a visit we made to Kidwelly Quay at the beginning of March. It includes some paintings of mine of the area’s wildlife….