Student work- experiments with watercolour

This term we have been finding inspiration by looking at the work of certain Welsh and Wales based artists. Everyone has done some research on individual artists and we now have a huge loose leaf binder full of information about many artists and examples of their work. We had a trip to Cardiff galleries which was most enjoyable and informative.

We looked at two artists very recently…Naomi Tydiman  who has a gallery in Tenby and Jane Corsellis who works  part of the year in Pembrokeshire. Naomi works mainly in watercolour and uses textural effects very effectively.  Jane works in watercolour and oil . Both are not afraid to let the paint do its own thing and work experimentally.

Using our own landscape reference photographs we did some studies using wet into wet techniques which included pulling cut up credit cards (!)  through the paint, adding texture medium and also dropping salt into it while still wet.

I have included some of the work here.

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  1. Really liked seeing the selection of student work, so many different interpretations on a theme.

    You always do such great snow scenes, the two new ones are lovely. I wish,…..

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