Saturday watercolour painting workshop April 18th

IMG_2152Beginner painters especially can struggle with colour mixing. This morning we touched on colour theory and painted a simple colour wheel with everyone using three different combinations of primary colours. I did stress that the only way to understand your colours is to do lots of colour wheels, colour swatches and practice mixing. Always make a note of the colours you used so that you can refer back . Make a plan of your paint box so that you know what colours are where!

A picture can be painted by using and mixing  just three primary colours. Here are some of the results. Unfortunately time ran out and we did not manage to remove masking fluid and add the bright yellow flowers that were in the foreground. The blues were ultramarine, cobalt, indigo and prussian. Yellows were cadmium yellow deep and light, raw sienna and yellow ochre. Reds were cadmium red and crimson if I remember correctly. Light red would have been nice to use.

The reference used was a photo taken by me some years ago of The Church of the Holy Cross at Mwnt.


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