Techniques- Oil sketches from a photo- below Tryfan

This is material taken from a project used in class. I wanted us to paint from a source  photo that had  simple shapes but not to copy/transcribe the image exactly as it was. I thought it would be fun to do several small sketches- about 4 x 6 inches using different colour schemes and not necessarily be bound by the actual tones on the photo. The idea then was to paint a larger finished painting from our preferred sketch. Everyone was free to use a photo of their own.

This is my source photo. I found it rather dark and wanted the finished painting to be lighter and more 'gentle'. I was happy with the composition since I had taken time to compose it with the camera view finder at the time.

There are many ways to start an oil painting. For these sketches I started on a white ground drawing in the main shapes using a rigger and a 'turpsy' wash of cobalt and cadmium red. Then the main shapes and tones were blocked in using the same mix but a larger round brush.

For the next stage I like to suggest some colours using thin washes with no white.

The final stage involves using thicker colour with white. This is my first finished sketch using colours intuitively ie no particular colour scheme. Colours used were cobalt blue, ultramarine, cadmiun red, cadmium yellow , burnt sienna, cadmium orange and white.


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