Painting texture – lichen

There are lots of ways of  suggesting texture using watercolour without spending lots of time painting intricate of these is using salt. Salt sprinkled on wet paint will soak up the  paint leaving a textured effect that is especially effective for snow and frost effects. However this time I used it to help paint lichen growing on a twig. These techniques do need some practice but are fun to try.

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Sketch the twig and use a light wash to suggest an area of lichen. Sprinkle in salt while the paint is still wet and leave to dry.

When the salt has finished absorbing the paint brush off excess and paint the twig using wet into wet techniques.

Some detail can now be applied to the lichen using a rigger. Don’t overdo it!!

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  1. I think the twig is just great, it looked good on Thursday when you had just begun it.

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