Oil painting demonstration by David Cowdry April 27th

David was really generous with his time and worked on his oil painting almost non-stop from 10.30 to 4.30. We all thoroughly enjoyed the day and wish to thank David for sharing not only his techniques but also his love of painting with us. We all came away so inspired. I hope to see lots of bluebell wood pictures being painted over the next few weeks  – and paint one or two myself!  I have been working woods in watercolour recently but can’t wait to give oils a go. Now is the time to collect lots of reference material in the form of photos and pencil and watercolour sketches for use in the studio on those dull rainy days that are unfortuneately sure to return.

Almost a blank canvas.


An enthralled audience.


Drawing with the brush and blocking in- no white!


He didn't take much of a break.


This was the stage before lunch.


Someone was inspired- Marianne!


It was lovely to see the blue go in.


A short pause for thought.


This was where David stopped. He still had work to do and we hope to have a photo of the finished picture- just beautiful...you wanted to reach out and touch the moss!



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