Materials for oil painting:

For oil painting Saturday workshops

Paints, brushes and paper will be supplied but bring along anything that may be useful.  Please do not bring white spirit (unless it is low odour), turpentine or linseed oil.  You will need the following: an apron/old shirt etc to protect clothes, some kitchen roll and rag, two screw top jars, a shallow cardboard box (at least 4” by 8”) lined with grease proof paper to use as a palette, and a small table easel if you have one – if not don’t worry.

For twelve week painting courses

Paints:  I would recommend the quick drying Windsor and Newton Grifffin alkyd oil colours to include burnt umber, burnt sienna, yellow ochre, lemon yellow, cadmium yellow, crimson alizarin, cadmium red, sap green, Prussian blue, ultramarine blue, cobalt blue, mixing white and titanium white.

Supports: I would recommend god quality Windsor and Newton canvasses, boards primed for oil painting, Clairefontaine special paper for oil painting – sold as a block.

Mediums: I only use low odour white spirit for diluting paint and washing brushes, this can be bought cheaply form large stores such as B&Q.  Smaller town stores are not stocking it to date.

Books: For the September 2009 course I shall be using ‘The Big Book of Painting Nature in Oil by S.Allyn Schaeffer.  I shall have a copy for class but if you would like to buy it.


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