Late summer on the Towy

Late summer on the Towy

Yes, I know I have painted this before but forgive me…its where I live and I love the valley and the river. There are always changes…the light, flowers, wildlife etc. This was painted from photos taken at the end of last summer when the himalayan balsam lined the hedges and the banks of the river. Don’t confuse himalayan  balsam  with knotweed…balsam is a lovely pink colour and as far as I know not such a problem although it is invasive. Anyway I like it a lot as it flowers right up to the first frost and my bees were foraging on it for weeks on end bringing in stores of nectar and pollen to see them through winter.

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  1. Can’t wait to see Llandeilo and the Towy in their spring and summer colours again. The trees on the horizon and the line of the road running through your painting have a really lovely flowing relaxed feeling…an uplifting painting…love it as usual Wendy…thank you for brightening the day!

  2. I too love Llandeilo and its valley. One can never tire of it or look at paintings of it. Love your latest painting.

  3. I believe that this scene is your iconic signature and I love them all in their variations. Do keep painting them. Carol

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