Feeding the birds

I’ve not done much ‘serious’ birding the last few months- always take the bins out with me though. I have been very concerned about all the species during this bitter winter. I keep my feeding station filled with peanuts and seed- especially well stocked during the snowy and icey spells. I always make sure there is water out as well. During the really bad spell I had a flock of 30 plus starlings feeding regulary and they in particular drank all the time. I think they liked the water best when I had just put it out and it was still warm! They have mostly gone now to fend for themselves- thank goodness!
One interesting visitor was a black cap- it only came once and I just hope it survived. Looking forward to getting out and about – perhaps on the estuary at Kidwelly with the scope. Santa brought me a nice new long  lens for my Canon SLR  so I’m hoping to get some good photos as well.

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  1. Poor birds, I felt so sorry for them in the worst of the recent freeze. As well as my usual feed,fat ball, peanuts seed, I was putting out apples, pears, and suet and a large amount of peanuts which I whizzed in the blender. Had as many as fifteen blackbirds together plus all the other locals, no rare ones though. blackbirds have dispersed now, off fending for themselves, just the regulars left, much cheaper though.

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