Looks like we’ve all been disrupted to some extent by the weather. Gritting is only being done on main roads which means getting around is very tricky. Alot of my painters can’t get to Llandeilo and even if they could the road to our painting class venue is impassable. So classes postponed this week and the gallery is closed- what to do? Well on the  positive side is that it’s giving me some extra time to paint. I’m working from some photos taken a few days ago in the Towy Valley and The Beacons.

Towy lane, New Year snowfall (oil on paper, 16x12")

I think this is a very paintable scene and I may work on it further and  use some similar images in class – if we ever thaw out!
A short step by step showing how I developed this painting is posted under Painting tips and techniques.

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