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The writing below is copied from my recent post in Tips and Techniques:

“I find I can waste a lot of time looking through photos trying to decide what to use. I like most of them…they are subjects that caught my eye but will they make a good painting?
Perhaps you have found yourself in a similar position. I find doing small pencil thumb nails a great help …it is not usually a good idea to dive into a painting without doing at least a little preliminary work first.

However what I have decided to do is at least one small watercolour sketch of a photo that I would like to paint. The sketch can take me 10 minutes or up an hour but no longer
and that includes drying time…..use a hairdryer.

I am aiming to do a daily sketch (!) and then have a collection I can look at to help me decide which would work as a painting. The daily sketches will be posted on my website blog. I think this is going to help with painters block as well…..it will get a paintbrush in my hand!

Give it a try and don’t spend more than 5minutes choosing that photo!!! ”

Below are some new Daily Sketches:

The finished painting- In the Beacons was done after finishing the quick sketch. I did a softer sky and made the foreground fence and foliage bigger to throw the rest of the picture back. I used white gouache in the foreground also. I was not sure if the Carmarthen Bans photo would make a painting but I think it will. By the way sometimes a quick sketch can capture a moment better than a more considered painting..it’s all in the eye of the beholder!


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  1. Right then- where’s my pencil to get started! Sounds a great idea and your sketches look amazing I look forward to seeing them all next week…I might have done one by then!

  2. Thanks Wendy,
    A very good idea. I have many photographs that I think could be used for future paintings but have never got round to it. I will try your suggestions and hopefully they will work.

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