watercolour gift ideas

Watercolour greeting card ideas. Daisy easy tutorial

Watercolour greeting card ideas using a daisy as the subject are explored in this easy to follow tutorial. Differently sized watercolour greeting card apertures are used to experiment with different compositions. Step by step instructions are given on paint application and colour mixing.

Hellebore painting video

Watercolour tutorial hellebores.

Wendy is painting flowers with experimental background techniques using clingfilm and a little salt. Painting flowers is a favourite subject and all the steps are described in this watercolour tutorial. The flower this time is the hellebore also known as the Christmas rose.  

Snowy Tree video

Snowy tree watercolour tutorial: using just two colours

A snowy tree watercolour tutorial using just two colours. Wendy paints a snowy tree in watercolour step by step. She works from her own photographic reference material and shows how to simplify a scene. Several watercolour techniques are demonstrated.