Christmas cards

Painting watercolour Christmas cards

In this video, Wendy demonstrates painting watercolour Christmas cards using experimental techniques with holly as the subject.  Watercolour painting techniques demonstrated include wet into wet, splattering  and the use of cling film to produce interesting abstract  effects. Materials used and colour mixing is fully covered. Wendy talks about composition using aperture cards to find different […]

Autumn painting

Ideas for Autumn painting

Wendy gets ideas for autumn paintings from hedgerows and heath in a Welsh nature reserve. Paintings in watercolour are demonstrated in a clear step by step way and include autumn leaves, rose hips and heather. Some paintings are studies and others have interesting textured experimental backgrounds.

Autumn Landscape

Watercolour Autumn Landscape

Wendy paints a watercolour autumn landscape tutorial that is suitable for beginners. The painting is demonstrated step by step and includes how to mix autumn colours using a limited palette. Wendy talks about the importance of putting foreground, middle ground and distant elements into a composition to help suggest depth in a landscape. Dry brush […]

Autumn Tree

Autumn/fall trees in watercolour

Paint autumn/fall trees in watercolour in a fast and loose way. Wendy paints an autumn tree study in watercolour using a quick dry brush technique that is very effective in suggesting autumn foliage.