Palette knife or credit card trees

Many painters use a palette knife with watercolour but I usually substitute parts of cut up credit cards especially for this following technique. These are two ways of producing a bark effect – especially useful for silver birches. 1. Dip the card or side of the knife into wet colour and drag the paint across […]

Techniques for trees in watercolour

This is a reference photograph,  not to copy exactly but to help with understanding the colour and form of the tree. The best thing to do is get outdoors and find some trees and make drawings and paintings from life after  you have had a bit of practice with some colour mixing and techniques. This […]

Simple perspective – bars of a gate

If the gate was closed and facing you all the bars would be parallel to each other ( of course they could be bent or even missing but lets assume it’s a new one!). Once the gate is opened the bars are now at an angle to you and will converge if you could extend […]

Using simple perspective to help draw a farm gate

This is homework set for the week beginning March 8th and continues our fun perspective lessons! Print off  the photo or collect one from class and work out vanishing point and eye level. You may need to attach an extension sheet of paper to the right hand side. Mark both on the photo. Use the […]

Wet into wet backgrounds

Colours used for this study were indigo and cadmium red light for the misty sky colour. Cadmium yellow for the sun. A darker sky colour  for the distant trees and sky colour with a little brown for the foreground tree. Other colour combinations used were light red and ultramarine and cobalt and brown madder .