Starting to paint people

I think that retaining the character of a person or group of people is more important than trying to precisely paint them. To start and to gain confidence just draw the outlines and paint them with a transparent wash. When you have done this you should be able to see if you have kept the […]

Bluebell woods – a sketch

When painting woodland scenes we usually want to show depth in the picture. We can do this in several ways. I find it works pretty well to do a soft wet into wet background. When this is dry any amount of leaf and forground detail can be added. In this case I have avoided the […]

Ivy clad tree in watercolour – demo

This short demo outlines one way to quickly suggest a mass of ivy growing up a tree. Tip: You can mix watercolour with white gouache to produce a pretty good opaque paint  to use in place of individual gouache colours. Don’t use chinese white it won’t do the job.

Ivy clad trees in watercolour

Working from outdoor sketches I painted a couple of watercolour studies. In the second one I made the ivy a lighter tone. I shall put up a demo in the next day or two but now I have to brave our day of summer and water the garden.

Using graphite watersoluble pencils

I am not a lover of watersoluble watercolour pencils. They always seem far too  ‘wishy washy’ and I can never get the colour I want. However I love the graphite ones. Not alot of people know  this but if you find you have a graphite pencil in your collection that has a picture of a […]