Simple snow scenes using a limited palette

Below is the final step of a step by step snowscene demonstration I wrote for Leisure Painter magazine (March 2011). A limited palette of ultramarine blue and burnt sienna works well for this sort of scene. Remember to keep subject matter in the distance cooler and softer edged than in the foreground. Always try to […]

Salt effects in watercolour

Salt can be used very effectively  to give the effect of falling snow. It’s fun to do and the best results can always be turned into Christmas cards. Also it’s really good practice for working wet into wet.

Painting clothed figures in oil

I find it helpful to firstly do a tonal under- painting using a thin wash of pigment diluted with low odour white spirit. This dries quickly. I then paint the clothes with thicker paint using an alla prima ( in one go) wet into wet technique.