Ragged Robin video

Watercolour Wild Flowers – Ragged Robin

Watercolour wildflowers using loose watercolour techniques…ragged robin. In this video, Wendy firstly takes time to study the colour and form of the flowers with simple exercises and loose watercolour techniques. A step by step tutorial follows painted mostly in real time.  

Bluebell wood painting video

Painting a Bluebell Wood

Painting bluebell woods, fast and loose using easy watercolour techniques. In this video, using a limited palette and easy watercolour techniques, Wendy paints a bluebell wood in real time and does a partial narration with music. Colours used and techniques employed are described in detail. Wendy builds up the painting quickly showing how to simply […]

Dry brush Painting trees

Watercolour techniques, dry brush painting trees

Dry brush painting. I have a new video in which I demonstrate painting trees in a fast loose manner using dry brush technique. This video forms part of my online painting tuition Project 3 which can be accessed from my website. Visit to find additional tuition content and more painting ideas. More Projects Project 1 […]

Easy watercolour tips, mixing greens

In this video I  demonstrate how to easily mix natural looking greens using prussian blue and a variety of yellows. I also demonstrate  how to mix very dark greens using these mixes with burnt sienna. Finally we take a look at some of my  recent paintings  where I  have  used some of these colour mixes. […]

Painting with cling film

Experiments with clingfilm

This video carries on where my last one left off. I am still painting magnolia blossom but this time everything is a bit more experimental.