Bluebell woods – a sketch

When painting woodland scenes we usually want to show depth in the picture. We can do this in several ways. I find it works pretty well to do a soft wet into wet background. When this is dry any amount of leaf and forground detail can be added. In this case I have avoided the use of masking fluid and negative painting by using body colour to add detail.
I like to work quickly and in a loose impressionistic way and this technique suits me.

A soft wet into wet backgroud is applied followed by a light wash where the bluebells are to go.

The foreground is worked wet into wet making sure that there are several tonal and colour changes. Bark and ivy are indicated on the trees. The painting is left to dry.

In this painting watercolour was mixed with white gouache to add detail to the ivy and the foreground undergrowth.

Tip: The front tree touched the top and bottom of the image area while the middle ground trees just touch the top. The distant tree do not touch the top or bottom. A composition like this helps to give the impression of depth in the picture.

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