Big areas of foreground

In this watercolour painting ( 22 x 22cm) over half the image is foreground…..many people struggle with foregrounds but I like them! I like these stubble fields and also foregrounds with flowers and foliage . The challenge is to achieve a feeling of recession and I think I have managed this to a certain extent in this painting. Tips: Use the same colours at the front and back of the area but make them paler and possibly a bit cooler at the back.
Work the fist wash wet into wet so there are some soft edged areas. When you paint a second layer leave some of this first was showing. Tonally the washes should be darker at the front getting gradually lighter towards the back. Exaggerate the difference in height of the stubble/grass/flowers at the front of the painting.

I hope this helps.


Carmarthen Bans

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