A walk on the Wye

River Wye at builth Wells-study w/c

Had a go at a watercolour sketch of that silver birch. It was really tricky mainly because the light was flat and there was no form on the tree. I do tend to persevere and don’t like to be totally beaten by a subject so in the end I got something of what I was looking for- a soft loose background and the light trunks –  but had to resort to some gouache and lots of adjusting and wasn’t happy with it. Still- learned something from it.

Not a bad day for an outing considering what has been before this month. We had a short easy walk upsteam along the Wye at Builth Wells in Powys. It was a bit bleak but it is January after all. The sun appeared now and then and I got a few photos and quick sketches that I may develop.

On the Wye

Sometimes the simplest subjects work the best. What was really noticeable today was how the tree trunks on the whole were light against a darker background of twigs and foliage. I like the way  this silver birch stood out against the background.

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