A visit to Skomer island

Today we went to Skomer with some other members of  The Dinefwr Photographic Society. The weather started off fine but once on the island sea mist and drizzle threatened to ruin the day. We were in luck though as the sun came out in the afternoon and we could then really enjoy the fabulous landscapes and wildlife of the island. The bluebells had just gone over but there were glorious fields of both red and white campion. We all had our puffin fix. They must have chicks in the underground burrows now as a lot of the birds were flying in with beakfuls of sand eels. No matter how many times I visit the island I am always amazed at just how close you are able to get to these little wild birds- they almost scurry over your feet.

Count: Usual cliff suspects including- gulls,kittiwakes,razorbills, guillemots and puffins. Gannets out at sea. Choughs,sedgewarbler,little owl,piedwagtail,swallow,skylark,blackbird,jackdaw,crow,oystercatcher,pippets,pheasant. On the small lakes were lots of gulls,canada geese,three godwits and at least one moorhen family. Goodness knows how those moorhen chicks have managed to survive the great black backs!

Sky lark - such an attractive bird, got to be one of my favourites.

Sedge warblers making quite a racket! A long way off.

Manx Shearwater - should have been in a burrow or out at sea. We saw one attack by a Great blackbacked gull- hope it survived.

Godwits on one of the ponds.

Classic pose!

This little owl was quite a way away but you can just make him out.

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